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Monday, October 6, 2008

The Grace of Gratitude

This is a short post--I'm over on my time but I wanted to get this published.

I choose to be grateful. Here are four things for which I'm grateful.

1. Saturday and Sunday were trying days. Saturday my wife (the lovely Sturdy Wench) and I helped set up for a wedding and then Sunday we set up for a brunch at our house for about 15 people. My wife did the wedding cake, helped decorate, while I helped move tables and chairs, ran errands, did grocery shopping at 1 a.m., et al. Generally acted the strong back and weak mind so necessary in endeavors like these. ;)>

Normally this much physical activity would have had me on the floor, but after the cardioversion procedure, I was tired, yes, but not dead on my feet. (Which, btw, were sore as hell but I got over it.)

So I'm grateful I helped my friends and in turn received the physical grace to do so.

2. I'm grateful for my friends Steve and Margarette; they stayed with my wife and I this weekend and it's been too long since we've seen each other. I was able to connect with them, open my heart to Steve, and receive acceptance, humor, empathy and understanding grace from him in return.

3. I'm grateful for Dr. J. ("Dr. O" as I've sometimes called her on this blog but I think I'll call her "Dr. J" as it pleases my sense of whimsy.) I get to see her in a few hours and take another step toward wholeness. I'm grateful to know I'm not crazy, not alone, and hope is for me. Thank you, Dr. J.

4. Thank you for reading this blog. I only know about those who leave comments, so if you lurk, thank you for reading anyway. Thank you also to those who leave comments.

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