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Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'm recuperating from food poisoning so this will be short and heart-felt.

I wish each of you a Happy 2008 and a Merry Christmas. May God's grace and the love of your friends and family warmly wrap you and ease the loneliness, scars and wounds from daily life. May you carry that love and grace with you wherever you go, to pull out at times of need to light your way in the dark and heal your heart.

Thank you each of you for reading my words and contributing your own. Thank you for helping us all wrestle down God's grace.

Peace and grace to you and your families.


ctimby said...

Pick up "The Shack" dude - i want to get you on the Shack forum where we can do some real damage - arrgh! Merry Christmas Cousin, thanks for your friendship - chris

KenWritez said...

Chris: Sorry for this late response to your kind comment.

In turn I thank you for your friendship. It--and you--have helped keep me sane during some rough times and you have been a wide conduit of God's grace to me via your unconditional acceptance of me and willingness to tell me the truth. Qualities hard to find, my man.

Currently "The Shack" is checked out at all my local libraries, so now I'm faced with a crool, crool dilemma: Do I wait for a copy to become available and thus postpone the pleasure of discourse with you and your email ring, or do I bite the bank account and buy the book, sight unread, risking the pig slash poke? I have a long history of buying books that offered steak and lobster but in the end delivered only mush.

Hmmmm, what to do, what to do...(insert FX drumming fingers).

All right, I'll put on my big boy panties and buy the damn thing. If I hate it, I'll blame you, foster a grudge, carry a load of resentment around until my life collapses in a cloud of rage and my stomach is like Swiss cheese from all the ulcers and I have to have emergency surgery, after which my embittered, emotionally traumatized wife throws the divorce papers at me as I lay in in pain on that crappy hospital bed. There--that'll show you.